Each participant fills in and sends by e-mail the Registration Form and the relevant documents to NKUA-KEPA (more details on the Registration Form).

*Each accepted abstract is presented by the registered author. In case of multiple presentations by only one registered author the additional contribution fee will be paid. The registered author participates in dinners and can not transfer to another person this participation.

The registration fee (physical presence/on the spot – physical presence if pandemic conditions allow travelling) for the participants includes: Conference material, coffee breaks during the event, lunch or dinner (depending), review of abstract and full paper, uploading abstract, preparation, presentation and publication of abstract and full paper in the Conference proceedings. The fee for virtual presence/on line is adjusted accordingly.

Please download and fill the registration form

NEW Registration form with additional options

The filled registration form needs to be sent to epgsec@kepa.uoa.gr or promitheas@kepa.uoa.gr

Depending on the situation and the restriction on the number of attendess inside the venue, MSc or Bachelor students may be requested to attend only virtually. Please contact us before arriving to the venue.

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