Travel guidelines – Measures for COVID-19


Available updated information will be uploaded.


This year the travel guidelines are available here Protocol for Arrivals in Greece –

You can also see what the WHO information is for travelling abroad (here).

Updates for the organization of conferences and meetings will be uploaded once released from the Hellenic Government.


The Hellenic Ministry of Tourism announces frequently a set of rules for the organization and the conduction of conferences under the COVID-19 conditions when these are allowed to take place.

These last rules included (before the latest lockdown) were the follwoing:

  1. Scientific, professional and any other type of conferences will be conducted in a hybrid manner, i.e. organizers are obliged to have two types of attendance.
    1. There will be physical presence of a specific number of participants in the conference venue following the health protocols as these are defined in the same announcement of the Ministry of Tourism.
    1. Apart from the option of physical presence there will be also live streaming for the rest of the registered participants.
  2. Under the case of epidemic reasons, the country may not allow the physical presence of the participants. However, the conference is not postponed or cancelled, but it is conducted entirely on line.
  3. In case of international conferences, the physical presence of participants coming from abroad is allowed following the travel instructions.
  4. Participants that intend to attend the conference on the spot (with physical presence) need to register electronically. Entrance will not be allowed to participants that have NOT registered.
  5. Communication with the Conference Secretariat/organizers is recommended to be done either by telephone or electronically (e-mail) so as to reduce direct (person by person) contact and movements of the conference participants.
  6. Masks are obligatory for the staff (technicians, clerks, security personnel) and optional for the participants. Organizers propose that participants use also masks.
  7. The personnel of the Conference secretariat/organizers are obliged to wear mask.
  8. In front of each person of the Secretariat there will be antiseptic liquid.
  9. Inside the Conference venue there will be a member of the personnel that will check if the protection measures are followed and will look after the number of the available empty seats so as to avoid having more persons than allowed.
  10. The maximum number of persons in the venue is the 50% of the total capacity of the venue in seated persons. There will be empty seats next to each sitting person, while there will be markıng of the allowed seats. Standıng persons are not allowed.
  11. The chairs for the Chairmen/women will be placed with the necessary distance between them and there will be antiseptic liquid for each one of them.
  12. Microphones will be cleaned after each speech.

If there are any developments, relevant information will be quoted here also.

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