Projects and Funding Opportunities

Presentations are uploaded at the PROMITHEASNet website under the Topic “Conferences”, please look here for them.

Session 2: Projects

  1. ENTROPY: Design of an innovative Energy-Aware IT Ecosystem for Motivating Behavioural Changes Towards the Adoption of Energy Efficient Lifestyles, by Cleopatra Bardaki, Dimosthenis Kotsopoulos, Katerina Pramatari, George Doukidis, ELTRUN Research Center, Athens University of Economics & Business
  2. Promotion of sustainable rural development in Gaza to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience, by Islam Nairoukh, Studies & planning department, Union of Agriculture Work Committees (UWAC), Palestaine
  3. IMPLEMENT: Improving local energy and climate policy through quality management and certification by Maria KALADAMI, Aegean Energy and Environment Agency – AEGEA, Greece
  4. ZERO-PLUS: Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology by Maria SALIARI, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margarita-Niki ASSIMAKOPOULOS, Marina LASKARI, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.
  5. MOTIVATE: Promoting citizens’ active involvement in the development of Sustainable Travel Plans in Med Cities with Seasonal Demand by Eleni-Danai MAVRAKI, Aegean Energy and Environmental Agency (AEGEA), Greece
  6. iBRoad: Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps as real drivers for deep energy renovation by Alexander DELIYANNIS, Sympraxis Team, Greece

Session 3: Discussion on open calls

Participants will discuss on the forthcoming open calls of H2020 so as to form consortia and submit proposals.

For facilitating the discussion, registered participants need to fill the Brokerage event_Form_2018

The information of the filled form will be used for the discussion and for bringing together those that are interested to participate at the same call or those that work at the same/similar  research areas. 

Contact us at if you need to ask more about the “Brokerage event”.





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