Projects and Funding Opportunities

Under the Brokerage event

Participants will discuss on the forthcoming open calls of H2020 so as to form consortia and submit proposals.

For facilitating the discussion, registered participants need to fill the Brokerage event_Form_2019. Click here to download it brokerage event_form_2019

The information of the filled form will be used for the discussion and for bringing together those that are interested to participate at the same call or those that work at the same/similar  research areas. 

Contact us at if you need to ask more about the “Brokerage event”.

Speakers of the 3rd day

Horizon2020-Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” – Mr. Christos KAPSALAS, National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF).

«Horizon2020-Climate Action» – Ms. Cristianna SIAMBEKOY, PRAXI Network.

Youth Contest “Clean Energy in the combat for climate change”” – Ms. Vivian KLEIDERI, Hellenic Physical Society (Ε.Ε.F.)


Zero Energy Hospitals – The prospects for energy upgrade of hospital buildings in the Balkan region” by Argiro DIMOUDI, Athina KANTZIOURA, Pavlos TOUMPOULIDES, Stamatis ZORAS, Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), Despina SERGIDOU, The Cyprus Institute (Cyprus), Mehmet METAJ, ALBAFOREST (Albania), Evelina STOYKOVA, Association Sofia Energy Centre (Bulgaria), Svetlana PETROVSKA, CeProSARD (FYROM). (TBC)

ZenH abstract_2019_12th_International_Conference

Climate change impact on Water Resources – Management in remote islands using Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems” by Dr. Elissavet FELONI, Mr. Konstantinos KOTSIFAKIS, Mr. Ioannis KOURTIS, Dr. Evangelos BALTAS – National Technical University of Athens (Greece) (TBC)

ZERO-PLUS (GA no. 678407): Planning & Implementation of monitoring for the ZERO-PLUS Settlements – Lessons Learned” by Angeliki MAYRIGIANNAKI, Technical University of Crete (TUC), Dr. Konstantinos GOBAKIS, TUC; Dr. Dionysia KOLOKOTSA,  TUC; Maria SALIARI, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA); Marina LASKARI, NKUA; Dr. Margarita-Niki ASSIMAKOPOULOS, NKUA; Dr. Shabtai ISAAC, BGU

Read Abstract_template_2019_GRBES_ZERO

“Renewable energy business models for realizing the competitive advantage of renewable energy” by Neda MUZHO, Social Sciences & Solvay Business School, VUB & UNWE.

Read Abstract_PROMITHEAS_2019_Renewable_Business_models

Start-up of a network of PAR stations over mainland Spain and its applications” by Dr. Jose M. Vindel – CIEMAT Energy Department. Renewable Energy Division; Dr. Luis F. Zarzalejo – CIEMAT Energy Department. Renewable Energy Division, Ana A. Navarro- CIEMAT Energy Department. Renewable Energy Division,  Francisco Ferrera-Cobos , School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering. UPM; Dr. Rita X. Valenzuela,CIEMAT Energy Department. Renewable Energy Division

Read PAR Stations_Ferrera_Cobos

Last year presentations

Presentations of the 11th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change/3rd Green Energy Investments Forum are uploaded at the PROMITHEASNet website under the Topic “Conferences”, please look here for them.





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