Abstracts and Papers

The Conference Language is English. For the Scientific and the Brokerage parts intending contributors should submit initially only abstracts. Submission in MS Word format via e-mails, appoint the contact person each time.

Day 1: Green Energy Investments Forum 

There are two options, for market stakeholders activated in the relevant topics, either to attend the Forum or to participate after the submission of an abstract. If the abstract is accepted (for being relevant with the concept of the Forum and for being interesting for the conference audience), the interested participant will be notified.

Provide your name and title, as well as the name of your institution/ organization and the subject of your speech to: promitheas@kepa.uoa.gr

The participant will need to provide the presentation (power point file) so as to be included in the proceedings and to be uploaded at the web-site. More details for the contribution to the proceedings will be provided upon acceptance.

Day2: Scientific Sessions

Abstracts should be approximately 250 words in length and should clearly quote the scientific contribution of the proposed presentation, the used methodology/approach and the expected outcomes. Authors should include at the end of the abstract five (5) scientific bibliographic references. Abstracts that do not fulfill the technical requirements will not be forwarded for review. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee before acceptance for presentation. The authors are kindly requested to indicate their affiliation, contact details and at which of the following themes and topics their work refers to. Template is available at  Registration

An author whose abstract is accepted and intends to present that work is kindly requested to register the latest before September 10th, 2022.

The book of abstracts (abstracts that are accepted and whose author has registered) will be published and distributed with the Conference Program. The Conference Proceedings (ISSN number provided for hardcopy and electronic version) will include the material that was presented during the Conference. Upon registration authors agree that their presentation will be included in the Conference proceedings. Authors should submit the full paper once informed that their abstract is accepted and are provided with the necessary guidelines. All presentations will be uploaded at the web-site of the Conference. The size of the presentation or of the full paper should not be more than 5MB. Research papers presented at the Conference, after the written expression of interest of their authors, will be reviewed for publication at the PROMITHEASnet Journal titled “Euro-Asian Journal of sustainable energy development policy”. The submitted paper is required to be a more detailed and elaborated version of the full paper included in the Conference Proceedings.

Abstracts should be submitted at: promitheas@kepa.uoa.gr
Contact person Dr. Popi KONIDARI

Accepted abstracts are uploaded here.

Instructions for papers

For the writing of the paper please send us the manuscript with no format. One column text. As a start please consider: Simple text with Times New Roman size 11, margins of page 2.5 cm for all (top, bottom, left,right) and 0.5cm for bookbinding. The manuscript for the proceedings can be 6000-8000 words. Figures and diagrams need to have a 300 dpi analysis. No links between captions and text or references and text. No headlines so as to be found when contents are to be formatted.

The references need to be in the text with the name of the author ie (Familyname N., 2020). If there are two authors both will be quoted is (Familyname R., Familyname T., 2019). If the authors are more than three only the fist one is quoted ie (Familyname R. et al., 2020).

In the references at the end of the paper the authors of the paper quotes them as following:

Bjerkan Kristin Ystmrk, Hampus Karsson, Rebecka Snefuglli Sondall, Sigrid Damman and Solveig Meland, 2019. Governance in Maritime Passenger Transport: Green Public Procurement of Ferry Services. World Electric Vehicle Journal 10, 74.

CE Delft, 2017. Update on Maritime Greenhouse Gas Emission Projections. At: https://www.cedelft.eu/en/publications/2056/update-of-maritime-greenhouse-gas-emission-projections.

DNV GL, 2018. Alternative fuels and technologies for greener shipping, Vol. 20. No. 5, pp 537- 554 https://hydrogeneurope.eu/sites/default/files/2018-04/DNV_GL_Executive-Summary-Alt-Fuels_guidance_paper_2018-04_web.pdf

Furger F., 1997. Accountability and Systems of Self-Governance: The Case of the Maritime Industry. Law & Policy. Vol.19. No. 4, pp 445-476.

Geels Frank W., 2010. Regime Resistance against Low-Carbon Transitions: Introducing Politics and Power into the Multi-Level Perspective. Theory, Culture & Society vol. 31, no. 5, 2014.

If there is something that is not mentioned above and puzzles you please do not hesitate to contact us. As for the presentation we will send an e-mail with instructions to all speakers around mid September.

Day 3: Brokerage event

Abstracts  should be approximately 250 words in length and should concern presentation of:
i) already funded projects and their outcomes;
ii) projects that are still on going or just completed;
iii) proposals for research and innovation under Horizon 2020 or any other funding scheme. The topics need to fall within those of the presented themes.
No bibliographic references are required.

After acceptance of the abstract authors will prepare a two-page informative document about their project/proposal. Expression of interest for cooperation, after completion of the registration, can be disseminated through the PROMITHEAS newsletter, if received before the end of the open call. Templates are available at Registration

Abstracts should be submitted at: promitheas@kepa.uoa.gr

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