Scientific Sessions

The 2nd day of the event, October 12th 2017 is devoted to peer – viewed presentations and discussions on relevant to energy and climate change research topics, as in all previous years.

Themes and topics can be found at the relevant link of Participation, as well as infromation about the abstracts and papers.

Accepted abstracts

  1. Developing a strategy for energy efficiency in the Egyptian building sector, by Marco CAPONIGRO, Athanasios MANOLOUDIS, Prof. Agis M. PAPADOPOULOS,  Greece
  2. Nature, Energy and Citizenship, by As. Prof. Thor Øivind JENSEN Prof. Clifford SHEARING HUMA, Norway 
  3. A Model for Natural Gas Consumption Forecast, by MSc. Milica IVIC, Prof.Dejan IVEZIC, Prof.Marija ZIVCOVIC, Serbia
  4. Hydro power and the environment From power vs nature to sustainable energy, by Dr. Ole Andreas BREKKE, Dr. Svein Ivar ANGELL, Norway
  5. Trends of extreme cold events in the middle regions of Korea and their influence on heating energy demand, by Yunsoung KIM, Korea
  6. Tax incentives for conservation of land and forests – reviewing Australian and Canadian experience, by Dr. Evgeny GUGLYUVATYY, Australia
  7. Renewable energy storage in closured mines in northern Spain, by Dr. Javier MENENDEZ, Prof. Jorge LOREDO, Spain

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