Scientific Sessions

Accepted abstracts for 2021

Accepted abstracts will be uploaded here. So far abstracts have been received from Lithuania, Albania and Greece.

Session: Environment – Climate Change

Session: Energy Efficiency

Session: Renewable Energy Sources

Assessment of the environmental impact of biomass on bioenergy production by Dr. Rita BUZINSKIENE, Vytautas Magnus University, Siauliai State College of  Applied Sciences – Lithuania


Novel Storage Concepts to increase RES penetration in autonomous systems. The case of Cyprus” by
Dr. George Tzamalis, Demetris Hadjipetrou, Dr. George Karagiorgis, Dr. Athanasios Katsanevakis, Dimitris Konstandinidis, George Partasides, Maria-Eleni Delenta – Cyprus 

Mapping of the Cyprus energy storage potential: Implications in the penetration of renewables and the operational mode of the conventional units” by Dr. George Tzamalis, Anthi Hadjipetrou, Dr. Christodoulos Christodoulou, Dr. Athanasios Katsanevakis, Dimitris Konstandinidis, George Partasides, Maria-Eleni Delenta – Cyprus

The sustainability of the strategy of the European Union for the energy and the climate regarding the environmental multifunctionality of the forests” by Dr Pantelitsa Sfiniadaki – Cyprus 

Building model-based optimisation of the HVAC control utilizing data from the EPC process by Gerfried CEBRAT, Moritz KOFLER, Georg BRUNAUER, Shuk King Stephanie CHAN – Germany

Cooling water flow rate impact on water vapor condensation from flue gas in a vertical tube with water injection” by Dr. Robertas POSKAS, Dr. Arunas SIRVYDAS, Vladislavas KULKOVAS, Dr. Habil. Gintautas MILIAUSKAS, Dr. Egidijus PUIDA – Lithuania

Accepted abstracts for 2019 Conference

In 2019, out of 55 abstracts that were submitted, 39 have been accepted. The majority of these accepted ones concerned the Scientific Sessions (Day 2). The final number of the respective papers that will be included in the proceedings depends on how many of these abstracts will be finally presented (and discussed by the participants) and which of these papers are not submitted elsewhere.

Presentations of the 12th International Conference (2019) are uploaded at the PROMITHEASNet website under the Topic “Conferences”, please look here for them.

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