9th Green Energy Investments Forum

The FORUM aims to promote the concept of the “Structured Policy Dialogue”, among end-users, public authorities, market forces and financing entities, as an instrument to increase their “ambition” on specific issues relevant to Clean Energy (SDG7).

This year the Forum will focus on the role that regional cooperation for Green Investments can play in efforts to ease problems related to the security of the energy supply in some of our countries, the economic recession in the post-Covid era and last but not least the climate change. Proposals for tackling energy poverty will be also discussed.

This year the Forum will be structured in panels of discussion

The main sessions of this day will be adjusted accordingly to the aforementioned topics.

DRAFT ADENDA (see here)

Session 1: Policy dialogue

Participation from Ambassadors who will present opportunities and perspectives formed by their national policies for green energy investments.

Session 2: Funding institutions

Speakers from municipalities and banks.

Session 3: Market perspectives

Market stakeholders are invited to present trends, discuss opportunities for investments and risks.

A special session for municipalities will be scheduled. This session will be conducted in Greek language. 

Presentations of the previous Fora in Athens are uploaded at the PROMITHEASNet website under the Topic “Conferences”, please look here for them.

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