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The 14th International Conference on “Energy and Climate Change” will take place at  the “Kostis Palamas” building, on 13-15 October 2021, in Athens, Greece and is expected to be set – as with previous events – under the auspices of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the United Nations Academic Impact initiative.

Conference of Three dimensions

This event is addressed to policy and decision makers on issues of green energy investments, market stakeholders, scientists, academics, project leaders and consortia. Each day is dedicated on different perspective of the energy and climate change policies, allowing in this way more focused presentations and discussions in the political, scientific and business views of the subject.

The Conference is divided into three (3) main parts.
The first is devoted to the 8th “Green Energy Investments” Forum, aiming to bring together policy and decision makers to explore opportunities for investment that promote the transition to a low carbon economy.
The second is devoted to peer – viewed presentations and discussions on relevant to energy and climate change research topics, as in all previous years.
Finally, the third aims to bring together scientists, policy makers and market stakeholders, in order to facilitate them to present their activities (projects and programs), discuss about funding opportunities, especially in the context of Horizon Europe calls and finally to increase the cross-interaction on innovative ideas and cooperation on common importance topics.


The PROMITHEAS Conference started as an activity of a FP6 funded project and has developed as an annual Conference for scientists and researchers working in energy and climate change policy issues. The 1st PROMITHEAS Conference titled “Energy Investments and Trade Opportunities” in 2008 was a two-day event focused on political and scientific topics.
All events are hosted by the oldest university of Greece, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA); organized by the Energy Policy and Development Centre (KEPA) of the NKUA, coordinator of the “PROMITHEAS Network”, the “BSEC-Green Energy Network” and set under the auspices of the BSEC organization.



Energy Policy and Development Centre (KEPA), coordinator of the “PROMITHEAS Network” and “BSEC-Green Energy Network”, is an academic research institute within the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. PROMITHEAS Network includes members from sixteen (16) countries of S.E. Europe, Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Central Asia. KEPA is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) since December 2011.

“BSEC-Green Energy Network” that functions under the supervision of the BSEC – PERMIS receives members not only from the BSEC member states but also from the BSEC Observers and Sectoral Dialogue Partners, as well.
The activities of KEPA although cover a wide range of topics, starting from energy geopolitics, regional energy markets, the promotion of energy investments and trade, during the last years they are focused on Climate Change with emphasis on knowledge transfer and capacity building for energy efficiency, the development of low carbon policy mixtures among the countries of S.E. Europe, Black and Caspian Seas and Central Asia.
During the last years KEPA has expanded its relations to partners from Asia Pacific, Mediterranean and Africa.
KEPA  contact details:
Energy Policy and Development Centre (KEPA)
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)
Panepistimiopolis, KEPA Building
157-84 Athens, Greece
Tel.: (+30) 210-7275732, (+30) 210-7275809
Fax: (+30) 210-7275828
E-mail: epgsec@kepa.uoa.gr
Website: http://www.kepa.uoa.gr

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